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Good morning drummers!! If you're a member of Drummers I Like pro than you're focused on creating this weekend and getting together that much needed stable of pre-recorded jams. Remember it only takes 15 minutes to cut 5 videos if you're following my system! Here's some of my personal stuff from last week. REMEMBER AGAIN!! YOU DO NOT NEED A NICE CAMERA. Now grab that smart phone and get to work. It's Saturday baby 😎😎😎 - repost @richducat - More closeandlow with a focus on the homies over @bigfatsnaredrum and their amazing products that add that pizazz I look for in drumModz... yes I said it. drummodz for life and if you aren't modding you're missing out! - I am working really hard on my ability to jump around the phrasing spectrum from up beat and down beat leading to counting in and out of triplets, singles etc.... I know my rhetoric is probably completely off but most drummers get it. These exercises were developed Specifically from what I learned following @timbuell subdivisionpyramid and play a big role in my warm ups every day. Yes you should Warm up.. another great fundamental Tim talks specifically about... genius stuff people. - - @drummersilike drummersilike teamdil @spinbal @zildjian @promarkbydadarrio @drumtacs drumtacs assumecontrol - Drum drums drummers drumlife drummersilikemerch drumclothes drumset drumming grooveshare drumdaily drummer talentedmusicians music musician drumfam drumstagram drumuniversity eofire entrepreneur entrepreneurlife drumset - @jc6611 @eswabidi @zackaustindrums @scottjacksondrums @joeybones__ @tosh_thedrummer @greghersey @kmc_drums @noamlederman @j_east42 @tjhartmanndrums eofire snapchat snapchat

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Satisfaction guaranteed 😎👌 - - - @drummersilike drummersilike teamdil @spinbal @zildjian @promarkbydadarrio @drumtacs drumtacs assumecontrol - Drum drums drummers drumlife drummersilikemerch drumclothes drumset drumming grooveshare drumdaily drummer talentedmusicians music musician drumfam drumstagram drumuniversity eofire entrepreneur entrepreneurlife drumset - @jc6611 @eswabidi @zackaustindrums @scottjacksondrums @joeybones__ @tosh_thedrummer @greghersey @kmc_drums @noamlederman @j_east42 @tjhartmanndrums eofire snapchat snapchat

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Happy FinancialFreedomFriday! 💸 🔅 Food Heals Nation, do you want to create more abundance in your life? 🔅 Are you a wellness blogger 🥗, vegan YouTuber 📺 or health podcaster🎤 still trying to grow your brand and your business? 🔅 EcoVeganGal Whitney Lauritsen created a course to help you uplevel your business, become well-known in your niche and monetize your passion.💰 🔅 The online course, Creative Wellth is designed to help you launch your personal wellness brand into the next level of abundance, influence and monetization. 🔅 Unfortunately, the course closed July 19th to new members. 🔅 But, we reached out to Whitney and asked her to extend it until the end of the month for our foodhealsnation. 🔅 Whitney agreed! She has extended enrollment for our listeners only until July 29th! 🔅 During the Creative Wellth course, you’ll receive the skills, tools and tips to help you break through financial blocks, get clear on your goals, grow your audience and find the revenue generation strategies that work best for you. 🔅 And when you sign up, you won’t just get Creative Wellness Course, you’ll also get two fabulous bonuses from us! 🔅 You’ll get three months access to the Food Heals VIP Club, with never before heard podcast episodes like: 🔅 The Power of Podcasting with Kate Erickson 🔅 How to Make Your Passion Your Paycheck with Alida McDaniel 🔅 How to Create Engaged and Profitable Facebook Groups with Jill Stanton 🔅 AND MANY MORE! 🔅 And you’ll get three Manifestation Meditations, guided by Suzy herself: 🔅 Release anxiety and finally find peace 🔅 Attract abundance into all areas of your life 🔅 Remove creative blocks and find divine inspiration 🔅 All of which will help you dive into your mission-driven business. Go to foodhealsnation.com/whitney to enroll and we will send you all the bonuses in August! 🔅🔅🔅🔅 eofire snapchat snapchat

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Check out my feature on the EOFIRE podcast with @johnleedumas if you haven't already! IMNOTYOU x FIRENATION 🔥🦁👊 eofire snapchat snapchat

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Thrilled to have rocked the mic 🎤 with the one and only @johnleedumas on 🔥 Entrepreneurs on Fire 🔥 . Check out episode 1732 (and subscribe to EOFire on iTunes - EOFire.com/itunes) to discover how your significant relationships will help you get even stronger in business. . Cut + paste this link to hear: 👉🏽 http://EOFire.co/eofire1732 (And as a gift for listening, I give you my book, free!) eofire snapchat snapchat

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I've been finding more and more I enjoy running.  This morning I especially liked listening to the EOFire podcast with Niyi Sobo during my run.  This might be my favorite episode.  Two things that stuck out:  1) A question about what were you doing a year ago.  Oddly enough, a year ago I was in the same city, staying at the same hotel for a work trip.  However, what's different is I am much healthier, my efforts a year ago with a project at work have turned into a new opportunities and a leadership award, and I have a clearer path and more knowledge to create a platform.  2) "Don't eat the cheese" from Niyi's NFL days with the Saints.  Focus on the process, execution, and what's coming next.  Don't look back even if the results were great. running fitness niyisobo halfmarathontraining TimeToFinish nfl eofire zenlabfitness neworleanssaints traffic minnesota eofire snapchat snapchat

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Nice final run during my first week of half marathon training. I missed my running partners telling me to go faster, but was able to catch up on podcasts. I don't think the little people would have appreciated the heat anyway. running fitness halfmarathontraining eofire TimeToFinish worktravel minnesota botany prettytrees zenlabfitness eofire snapchat snapchat

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